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Copyright Infringement Cases
Save Independent Artists

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January 16, 2012                                     Gregory at "Occupy Wall Street Rally"  (2012) (c)

August 19, 2012

     We Are Currently Boycotting ...              
  Robert Ramsey & Matthew Stone
                      And all

          Eddie Murphy movies

 "Injustice For All"

See my interview from the up-coming
documentary film,
"Injustice For All:
Summary Misjudgment"

January 16, 2012 (Updated

Step #1:

We will ...
1) identify any and all copyright thieves, including the producer(s)/distributor(s)

boycott (via protest, sit-ins, flyers...) any and all products and/or participation involving the copyright thief
a) Movies: we will not pay (at the box office) to see any movie at any theatre involving copyright thieves
b) Music:   we will not buy any music (Cd's) involving copyright thieves
c) Video:   we will not buy or play any video games involving copyright thieves

) not support any individual(s) or organization(s) that support or is involved with copyright thieves

Step #2:

We will ...
Step #1:
1) request that all of our family members, friends, colleagues, supporters ... around the world not support any of the artists/celebrities/companies identified as copyright thieves by not going to the movies, buy Cd's or video games beginning on March 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2012. 

We will...
Step 2#:
request that all of our family members, friends, colleagues, supporters ... around the world support only works that are not the subject of copyright infringement actions/lawsuits beginning March 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2012.

Step #3:
We will ...
1) support legislature to "ban summary judgment" from copyright infringement cases and take the decision out of judges hands

 support legislature to have all copyright infringement cases put before a grand jury to determine if a "trial by jury" is warrant pursuant to the applicable rule of law

3) fight to have copyright thieves fined and jailed, pursuant to the law, Rule 17 sect. 506 (a) of the copyright law

4) vote against any and all politicians who that do not support any of the above legislative acts

Supporting these measures, we will ultimately destroy copyright thieves and rogue companies within the entertainment industry.  We will also, no longer "stuff the pockets" of the crooks and thieves who willfully and knowingly destroy the lives of independent artists, take food off of their table, and out of the mouths of their families.  As a result of these measures, we destroy dishonest lawyers, judges, politicians, and other predators who prey upon Independent Artists.  There will no longer be any money to produce more movies, attract stars, pay lawyers, judges, politicians, or otherwise.  Then ... and only then ... will Independent Artists be SAVED!

*By not going to the movies, or buy Cd's, or video games, you then protest with your pocket and your vote, and you never have to be seen, or leave the comfort of your home.*

Thanks for your support!!!

Artistic Genocide

Artistic Genocide

Gregory defines Artistic Genocide as "rogue movie distribution companies' continued theft, through rouge movie producers and copyright infrngers who steal copyrighted works from independent authors and get away with it with the aid of rogue law firms and the courts, which will ultimately wipe out independent authors (via the dinosaurs) and independent creativity as a whole."

For decades now...independent artists (especially black artists) have been under a genocidal attack by the entertainment industry.  The entertainment industry steals our works and pay us nothing in return.  When we object...they dispatch their thousand dollar an hour lawyers and law firms and say with a grind, "if you don't like it, see my lawyer."  Ninety-nine percent of independent artists cannot afford a lawyer so they are left to agony, desperation and

despair; while the the industry rakes in billions and shameless feed their families with this "blood money" that was made "off the backs" of independent artists.  When an artist do finds an attorney, it's usually on a "contingency agreement" and even then (as you can see from my cases and the cases listed below on this page) it is very likely that "your own attorney is going to betray you and nothing will be done about it."

The entertainment industry is literally "crushing" and "wiping out independent artists" who create their own works; but are not members of any guilds or employees of the entertainment industry.  This devastation and destruction systematically destroys the artists and their families.  Are we (independent artists) not human beings?  Do we not have families to feed?  Do we not suffer when we cannot not put food on the tables...clothe our children...or help our families or pay our bills?

This communistic mentally and act of theft sends a very clear message that certain segments of our society (the wealthy) has a certain sense of ownership to "anything" that an independent artist creates...as if it was a "birth right."

We the people of this great nation must put an end, and an "abrupt stop" to this "oppression of the weaker class" and we must do it now!  We can hardly afford to rely solely upon the American Judicial System because to a large degree...the system is a part of this egregious misconduct and criminal act.  Furthermore, the judicial system has created an environment whereby this "thievery" can fester and thrive; by improperly applying the rule of law; not sanctioning unethical lawyers and some judges go as far as to sell their judgeship to the highest bidder.

On June 12, 2009, I ran 18 miles (in the rain; 2hrs 46 mins) from Queens, NY, thru Brooklyn, NY into Manhattan, NY to deliver my appeal brief to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal; this was the same day that Eddie Murphy's latest movie ("Imagine That") was released.  "That movie bombed like peal harbor" and "sunk faster than the Titanic" like most of Eddie's movies since I sued him for using my works to create the hit movie, Life

"This latest flop may have come as a big surprise to many of you, but not too me because many children came to me personally and said, "Mr. Hudson, I'm not going to see Eddie Murphy's new movie because he stole your work...And we're going on the Internet and tell all of our friends and family not to see it."  Obviously...this worked.  So we (independent artists) need your help too. 


President Barrack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC, 20500

Comments:  (202) 456-1111

Switchboard:    (202) 456-1414

Fax: 202-456-2461

Eric Holder, USAG

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC20530-0001

(202) 514-7223

(202)514-2000 (switchboard)

(202) 307-6777

Senator Jeff Sessions
Senate Judiciary Committe
335 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-0104
Main: (202) 224-4124
Fax:   (202) 224-3149




229 W. 43rd Street

New York, NY 10036

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
U.S. Courthouse

500 Pearl Street

New York, NY 10007


Petition To Kill Copyright Infringement
 (Posted July 31, 2009)


I need your SUPPORT! 

For decades now there has been a war on "Independent Artists (especially black artists) by the entertainment industry; it's called..."Artistic Genocide".  They have and continue to steal our works, destroy our lives and our families and they do this with the aid of "rogue lawyers" and with the blessings of "corrupt Judges."  

Shortly there will be a file that contains a petition to "help independent artists, including myself, protect our works, be properly compensated, feed their families and to "Kill Copyright Infringement ."
All that I ask of you, your families and friends is that you write, fax, email and/or call President Obama, US Attorney General Holder and Senator Sessions (addresses in the next column) and ask them to appoint an independent commission to investigate and oversee our cases. Also, request that an independent panel be created to review all of the copyright infringement cases brought by independent artists during the past 10 years.

If you need assistance with formulating a letter please feel free to contact me. Also, at the bottom of this page will contain a file that can be used as a template to assist you.

"DON'T SUPPORT ANY INDUSTRY OR INDIVIDUAL WHO USES OR SELLS STOLEN "COPYRIGHTED WORKS" from independent artists including, movies, music, viedeo games, books...etc.

"We are not slaves or some faceless huminoids...we are humans too!"

Copyright Infringement


Copyright Infringement

What is copyright infringement?

As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.
(U.S. Copyright Office)

Copyright Thief
"Personally...I make no distinction between a terrorist and a copyright theif!  Whether you walk into a building wearing an explosive vest and blow up an entire family or walk into a man's house and steal his work so that he can no longer feed his family...both families are dead! I don't know about you, but where I come from...when a man in the traditional sense (a man who takes care of his family and lives as a good citizen without causing harm to others) cannot take care of his family...his sole is DEAD!."

Proving That Your Work Was Stolen

-In order to prove copyright infringement, the plaintiff must prove ownership of the copyright in the allegedly infringed work and copying of the work by the defendant.

-Copying can be proven by showing both access to the work and substantial similarity of the allegedly infringing work to the copyrighted work.

-Access: Access exists when a defendant had a reasonable opportunity to view the copyrighted work. Universal Athletic Sales Co. v. Salkeld, 340 F. Supp. 899 (W.D.Pa.1972), rev'd on other grounds, 511 F.2d 904 (3d Cir. 1975).

-Substantial similarity in the works is a highly fact-intensive inquiry and varies from case to case.
("continue in the next column on the right")


-Striking Similarity:

Even without proof of access, plaintiffs may nonetheless be able to establish copying, if they can prove that the instant works are "strikingly similar." Their burden is a heavy one. To prove that similarities are striking, plaintiffs must demonstrate that "such similarities are of a kind that can only be explained by copying, rather than by coincidence, independent creation, or prior common source." Stratchborneo v. Arc Music Corp., 357 F. Supp. 1393, 1403 (S.D.N.Y.1973).

Even if you prove Access and Substantial similarities, you still have to prove that your work was "misappropriated."

-Literary Techniques & Devices:  When writing your works, a good technique is to "purposely misspell or use a rare spelling of a word."  If the thief steals your work and you spell the word "Rock" as "Roc" throughout your work and this "unusual spelling" is copied it creates doubt.  Another good device is to create some "unique words" of your own.  There are other techniques and devices of course.  Now that I've given out these tips...copyright thieves will be aware.

Tips For Protecting Your Work

-Mailing your work
in a sealed envelope through the post office does not work. That is a myth and will not (alone) hold up in a court of law.  You are probably asking why?  Simple answer..."a sealed envelop can easily be "unsealed and resealed."

-Copyright your work
Once your work is put into a "tangible form" (even if it is written on a napkin) it is protected under the U.S. Copyright Law.  Problem though...you can only file a copyright lawsuit if your work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  If you discovered that your work was and you filed a copyright suit but you did not copyright your work...you have 90 days from the date you filed the suit to file for a copyright certificate with the copyright office.

-Statue Of Limitation
You have 3 years from the date that you discovered the infringement to file a copyright lawsuit.  In other words, If 4 or 5 years has past and you discovered the infringement on the 5th year, you have 3 years from that date to file your suit.

*These cases below are not intended as legal advice; instead the services of a competent (respectable) attorney should be consulted to assist you with any legal matter.

Copyright Infringement Cases

Below are short synopses of the cases of independent artists who have sued or still suing to protect their work. " Sadly, most (if not all) of these cases were dismissed on summary judgment, including my case, and none of us was ever given our 7th Amendment Right to have our cases heard by a "jury of our peers."


Sued Eddie Murphy, Universal
Studios, Heavy D,
Over the Hit movie,

In 1996, I dropped off copies of my stage play scripts and VHS video-tapes of "No Harm, No Foul" (an outrageous comedy) and Bronx House (a powerful prison drama) to Heavy D (Then CEO of Uptown Records which was a record label under Universal Music Group) and Jimmy Jenkins, (A co-founder of Uptown Records with Andre Harrell). Also included was flyers and invitation to see a performance of "No Harm, No Foul" which was playing a few blocks away from their offices.

Within a few days, I was contacted by Cheryl Jenkins, Jimmy's sister, and told that "they loved my scripts and wanted to meet with me to write T.V. shows and movies for J Luv Entertainment, which was owned by Jimmy.

After several conversations on the phone, I agreed to meet with her, Jimmy, Heavy D, and others to sign a contract for the use of my work. The meeting never happened and a few years later (2000) I saw my work on cable T.V. starring Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence with Heavy D, Bernie Mac and others in a movie called, LIFE.

I sued them.  They claimed that Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone (two white boys) wrote the movie, Life, without using my scripts. When you read the real movie these two characters wrote and then read my scripts ... there will be no doubt as to where the characters, plot, setting, dialogue and so forth came from; my two plays "No Harm, No Foul" and "Bronx House".

Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone

Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone - "Soul Men" New York City Premiere - Arrivals
These are the two guys who claimed to have written the hit movie, LIFE, starring Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence with Heavy D, Bernie Mac and others.

Take a look at some of my characters and some of the characters in the movie, LIFE and judge for yourself.

You can read the whole story in my upcoming book, "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy."

Above: me as Bojack in "No Harm,
No Fou
l" and Eddie Murphy as Ray
in LIFE.

Above: Brusier in "No Harm,
No Foul
and below is Goldmouth
in Life.

Carla Boone v. Jackson (Fabulous)

Carla B. Boone 
Carla B. Boone
Carla and I met some years ago just as all of the other artists here did. She came across my battles against Eddie Murphy, Universal, Heavy D, and others on the internet.

Determined not to allow Fabulous or anyone else take her work and get away with it, she pick up the phone and told me about her battles and how Fabulous had stolen her work. 

Like many of us (Independent Artists), she to had been betrayed by her own attorney, even after paying him over $100,000.00 in legal fees. Every since that day, Carla and I have worked relentlessly to seek justice, fair compensation for our work, and have helped many other artists, including financially, to get their fair compensation for their work. Carla's artists, Trajik,  single was featured on their first EP release "Holla back" and was the subject of her copyright infringement lawsuit in 2003.

It was featured on Celebrity Justice, MTV news and numerous internet sites and radio stations. This suit alleged that international superstar and platinum selling-

rapper/superproducers Fabolous /the Neptunes' platinum selling single Young'N (Holla back), released in 2001 was derived from our first release's hit single "Holla'back (released in 1999).
Details of this Case are documented in our News Journal. The links in the Journal include the Expert Report documenting the fact that similarities occur within " 50% of the primary elements" of these songs.

This document also discussed the "'MUSICAL FINGERPRINT'" which is indicative of copying. Also, the 2 1/2 pages of documented lyrical/musical similarities are shown which detail all the similarities that appear in only these 2 out of over 50 songs with the word "holla back" in them; all of which were' stipulated during deposition testimony by both Experts; ours and theirs).

Despite these similarities, our case was, we believe, ILLEGALLY DISMISSED without giving us our Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial of our peers! Read more at www.hollaback.org.

Five of the Independent Artists here are the subject of a powerful new 5 part documentary film, produced by Carla, called, "Injustice For All," that tells our story of how our works were stolen and how we have fought against a very biasd and unfair court system to get proper compensation for our work.  Below is an "Exclusive Sneak Preview" of a clip from each artists compelling story.

 "Injustice For All"

On January 18, 2011, The U.S. Supreme Court denies Hudson's Petition. The Court gave no reason or opinion. You can follow this link to see the denial:

You can ask the Court why it denied Hudson because I don't have the answer and nor am I aware of any legal basis for the Denial.
More on this ruling will be posted below.

U.S. Mail:Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

(Available M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern)

Rene Carranza v. Universal Music Group, Lideres Entertainment

Rene Carranza sued Universal
Music Group for his album
"Tumbando Muros"




Copyright Infringers!!!

January 1, 2012

Carranza v. Universal
Music Group

     On February 1, 2011, Gregory L. Hudson will serve as "interpreter for Musician, Rene Carranza in his copyright infringement lawsuit against Universal Music Group in California.  

     According to Carranza and court records, Carranza, born in El Salvador, gave copies of his ALBUM and his "Master" to a music company called Lideres Entertainment in exchange for "an Artist Contract." Gumercindo Miranda, Lideres Executive, agreed to give Carranza

exchange for "an Artist Contract." Gumercindo Miranda, Lideres Executive, agreed to give Carranza  $200,000.00 plus royalties (and other benefits) in an "email contract summary."

Without giving Carranza the contract or the $200,000.00, Lideres produced, promoted and Universal Music Group Distribution distributed Carranza's ALBUM. Carranza discovered that his ALBUM was being sold when some employees at Joe's Burger congratulated him on his success. Confused,

Carranza went to a nearby Wal-Mart and discovered that his ALBUM was in fact on the shelves and being sold.
After trying to convince Lideres and Universal to honor the contract, Carranza was told among other things, "
not to call again or he and members of his band would be reported to immigration."

Totally devastated, "They told me this because they thought that I was in this country illegally and that they could take my music without paying me," says Carranza.

His next court appearance is Thursday, January 13, 2011. Carranza's case is pending "Summary Judgment." If he defeats summary judgment, his case is scheduled for trial on February 1, 2011.

Darryl Lassiter v. 20th Century Fox

Darryl Lassiter v. 20th Century Fox for the Movie "DRUMLINE"

Darryl Lassiter sues 20th Century Fox...Darryl's lawsuit claims that the hit movie "DRUMLINE" was

stolen from him. Darryl contacted me on March 2, 2007, giving his support to me (Hudson v. Universal Studios); Sophia Stewart a/k/a Mother of the Matrix (Stewart v. Warner Bros); General Crooks (Crooks v. Songs of Polygram, Universal Music Group); William Crawford (Crawford v. Midway Games) and Chris Jackson.

Darryl stated that "Willie Gary is my lead attorney on my case against 20th Century Fox as most of you know I not only wrote, produce and directed the movie PAY THE PRICE which became DRUMLINE; Fox in New York and Fox in Los Angles even admitted they had access to my screenplay and movie.


Darryl went on to say, "My movie was completed in 1999 and I won several film festivals in 2000. Dallas Austin (Executive Producer-Drumline) even had my script as early as 1994. And his assistant admitted that as well."

Darryl went on to say, "My movie was completed in 1999 and I won several film festivals in 2000. Dallas Austin (Executive Producer-Drumline) even had my script as early as 1994. And his assistant admitted that as well."

During this time Darryl's case was still in litigation. "Drumline used the same bands as I used, the same schools, some of the same dialogue and some of the same cast. My movie was shot three years before theirs and my script was registered with the Library of Congress in 1992. Plus, Dallas Austin went around saying the movie was based on his life.

When in his deposition, he stated he dropped out of high school in the 9th grade and never marched in a Black College Marching Band nor attended a Black College." To the contrary, Darryl stated, "I marched five years at Alabama State University 1981-1985 and Drumline is more based on my life..."

Darryl went on to say in spite of "92 similarities of my movie Pay The Price to Drumline... the judge kicked us out in 38 seconds and told us we didn't have anything. After we appealed, the three judges said they didn't think the movies looked alike.. Never mind the fact that I had a tape with side by side comparisons of the scenes..." Darryl now has a new attorney and is preparing to petition the Supreme Court of the United States and has VOWED to fight for his copyright to the END. August 6, 2007

William Crawford v. Midway Games ... 2:07-cv-00926




Video Game Creator 

Will Crawford


William Crawford v Midway Games...



Copyright Infringement

is a



 WILL (WILLIAM) CRAWFORD, founder/owner of Mindshadow Entertainment, after attending and shopping his media project  called 'Psi Ops' (Area 23) at an expo with industry excutives and professional in 2001, discovered later in 2004 that Midway Games had released a video game that had characters and other "protected elements" that were "strikingly similar" to his script, website and used the same identical music.  Will owned the copyright to "Psi Ops" since 1998 and Will's game had been covered in "Star Wars Insider,", "Indie Slate" magazine and in the United Kingdom publication "TV Zone" (TV Heroes Edition) in 2002.  Also, a movie deal, with known actors commited, to bring the video game to the big screen was in the works. In 2005, Will's attorney told him a series of lies and tried to discourage Will in hopes that Will would drop the lawsuit; "a tactic which has become common place among "crooked self-serving lawyers." 

He told Will that, "even if Will prevailed, under the copyright law it would not be worth the hassle of filing a lawsuit." The attorney then told Will that the "statue of limitation" was about to expire on his time to file a lawsuit against Midway Games.  On February 7, 2006, Will visited my website and emailed me; "Dear Gregory, Just visted the site in regards to your case (Hudson v. Universal Pictures/Eddie Murphy/Heavy D).  I was wondering if your attorneys can help our Mindshadow team with our Copyright Infringement case against Midway Games."  Will stated that "For the past year (2005) attorneys have been giving us the runaround, taking our money but not taking the case."  Will ended his email by stating, "If there is any way you can help us, I'd really appreciate it." I returned Will's email and explained that I wouldn't recommend my lawyers to my worst enemy;  however, I offered to review his communications with his lawyers and discovered the same "dirty lies, tricks and disgust" among "crooked attorneys."I explained

to Will that his attorney out right lied because he knew that "if a person can prove copyright infringement, the copyright law entitles that person to nearly all of the proceeds attained as a result of the infringed work minus some production cost."  After reviewing Will's complaint, I informed Will that his attorney, again, had knowingly lied to him about his statue of limitations.  I explained to Will that the statue of limitations for copyright infringement is "3 years from the date of discovery of the infringement" pusurant to the copyright law and not 2 years as he was told by his attorney.  Will filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Midway Games in Februay of 2007.  For more information on Crawford v Midway Games log on to www.mindshadowonline.com. Will is a dear friend and colleague of mine from Los Angeles, California.  Please show Will some love and support.

Germaine Music, et al vs Universal Music Group; Case # 2:03-cv-00047-PMP-LRL


"Message To The World"



Songwriter & Producer

General Crooks




Report Copyright Infringement!!!


General Crooks songwriter and music Producer, filed a $36,000,000.00 dollar copyright
infringement lawsuit against Universal Music Group, ("UMG") a subsidiary of Universal Studios. 


General wrote and produced a song called "Message to the World" and years later was informed that his song had been produce and included on an album recorded by the popular group called the "Chi-lites", without his knowledge and or authorization.  Rather than compensate General for his music, General stated that "Universal and its 'unethical lawyers' engaged in some of the most 'egregious' misconduct known to man:"




General states, "Universal produced a 'fruadulent check' with a 'forged signature' and claimed that it was my signature and that it was cashed by me.  The problems with that lie is that, during the alleged time that I was supposed to have signed that check,  To my surprise, District Judge Phillp M. Pro, Chief Justice of the Distirct Court of Nevada Court, ignored this evidence, used a document (an alleged mechnical license) from an amended complaint (which Judge Pro had previouly denied) and ruled against me."


I went by the name "General Richardson and not 'General Crook' (which was verified by my driver license) and therefore I could not have cashed that fradulent check.


General contacted me, as many artists whose work have been stolen and their own lawyers have conspired against them.  I explained to General several ways he could handle this matter.  Who knows better than me...I've fought Universal, my own lawyers, Universal lawyers, officers of the courts and others all the way to the Supreme Court and probably headed back there again.


General's case is now pending appeal at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California.  Keep your eyes on this case.

General is a dear friend and colleague of mine from Nevada; please show your love and support to him. 

Inside Scoop!


Help Stop

Copyright Infringement!!!

What does all of the artists below have in common?  We are all "BLACK;" We are all INDEPENDENT artists;" We all have evidence of BETRAYAL by our own LAWYERS (those who have had lawyers);" We have all faced INJUSTICE in the court system;" We have all filed COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LAWSUITS against movie studios for stealing our works.

Hudson v. Universal Studios #04-CV-6997 (GEL):  After losing on a Rule 12 motion to dismiss Hudson's case before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on May 4, 2007, Universal has now filed a Rule 56 summary judgment motion (without any discovery being conducted by either party) to dismiss Hudson's Bronx House case in the Southern District Court of New York.  Hudson submitted his opposition on October 25, 2007 and Universal submitted it's reply on November 9, 2007.

JEFF IMELT is the current CEO of GENERAL ELECTRIC, which is the parent company of NBC and Universal Studios.  He is a brilliant man who took over a 20 billion dollar company that is now nearly 180 billion and growing. 

He has an unrelenting devotion to his "shareholders;" however, this case of Hudson v. Universal may well be the down fall of this great entity. 

"Although it has taken me almost 8 years to put this entire case together, I have finally put all the pieces to this puzzle together.  And when the ball drops...it will be so profound that this nation will literally become speechless...as it bares witness to one of the single most disturbing acts of corruption and conspiracy of our time.  I have the evidence and I will prove it, and I won't make the same mistakes that I made the first time with No Harm, No Foul."

Pardon us...while all of the pages below are being reconstructed and updated.

 Stewart v. Warner Brothers

Photo of Sophia Stewart


"Mother of the Matrix"

is still Fighting Back 


The Matrix

Sophia Stewart, a/k/a, "Mother of the Matrix" and I met years ago in New York City. We compared, discussed and examined various aspects of our pending lawsuits; my lawsuit against Eddie Murphy, Universal Studios for the hit movie, LIFE (Hudson v. Universal Studios);

and her case Stewart v. Warner Brothers...for the mega hit Matrix Trilogy and Terminator movies). Since that time, Sophia and I touch bases to see what's going on with each others case. A few years back, Sophia's case was dismissed by Judge Morrow, finding that "Stewart had failed to respond in a timely fashion to discovery propounded by defendants or to appear for her deposition."

Little did the court know...Sophia was always prepared to respond and appear for her deposition. It was through the people she relied upon and trusted the most (her own attorneys) to prepare and produce her in a "timely fashion." After regrouping, Sophia has come ROARING BACK and STRONGER THAN EVER, with a whole new team and the record will clearly show that Sophia's not responding was not of her own doings; instead, "misrepresentation by her own attorneys."

I checked in with Sophia a few days ago, August 6, 2007, and she informed me that she had refiled her case on August 1, 2007, in Utah to the delight of all of her fans and supporters. If Sophia's case was dismissed

"WITHOUT PREJUDICE" (meaning that her case can be refiled) that spells trouble for the defendants because; (1) the merits of her case was never at issue and (2) the similarities between her work and the movie (The Matrix) are "strikingly," which means big trouble for the defendants. August 7, 2007

Troy Walker v. Nickelodeon, Steven Hillenburg





Troy Walker



Troy Walker v. Nickelodeon, Hillenberg...

TROY WALKER is a black, independant cartoonist, residing in San Francisco, California who in 1992 created a "Square and mostly yellow," "talking," "unemployed kitchen sponge," "that walks," "talks," "has arms," "legs," "hands," and "feet" and Troy independendly sold these kitchen spongees with the slogan, "sponge for hire."  Troy named this original, independendly created character "Bob Spongee."  Suspiciously, in 1999, Paramount Studios released a DVD with a character named "Sponge Bob" with "Strikingly Similar" characteristics to Troy's Bob Spongee and strangely enough...the name of Paramount's DVD was entilted, "Sponge for hire;"

which is the "identical title" of Troy's slogan pasted on "Bob Spongee."
and others have come under vicious attack by movie studios who have elicited the help of some of the most "disgusting and
Troy filed a 1.6 Billion dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against against Nickelodeon and others and to his surprise, the character to his surprise, the character that Steven Hillenburg created and submitted in the court records is a "round shaped sea urchin..."  a far cry from Troy's square, yellow, walking, talking, unemployed Bob Spongee.  Black, independent artists like Troy, me, Will Crawford, General Crooks, Darryl Lassiter, Chris Jackson,
egregious lawyers (and in some cases members of the courts) in a concerted effort to steal and/or take our "independently created work" and not properly compensate and/or credit us.  We need the public's help to "shine the brightest light in the history of mankind to expose and stop these lecherous people and their heinous crimes against the public.  For more information on Troy Walker v Nickelodeon log on to www.songeforhire.com. Troy Walker is a dear friend and colleague of mine from San Francisco, California...show him your love and support.

Chris Jackson


On Sunday, February 12, 2007, I was contacted by Chris Jackson. Chris stated, " Did you know the original creator of the movie Crash is a black man?" Chris stated that he "was the original creator of the syndicated television show and successful movie Crash..."

Chris stated that he "created 6 consecutive episodes on ABC" of the series that led to the movie Crash but did not recieve credit. It is said that "The Smoking Gun" is "Clearly you can see in this receipt for the writers guild that both Chris Jackson and John Singleton's name appears as the original writers of Crash.

The check that was written to Chris Jackson from non other than Brezner and Steinberg for the series Crash. Even Andrew Tenebaum admitted that Chris Jackson came up with the original idea." 

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Isis wisdon Word on da streetz magazine. August 6, 2007