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Past Productions
Past Productions

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Below are some of the New York City Productions of Gregory's stage plays

No Harm, No Foul

No Harm, No Foul

No Harm, No Foul is Gregory's first full-length, two-act play (Comedy) which first opened at the renowned CAMI HALL in New York City and was last performed at Lincoln Square Theatre in New York City.

Outreageously Funny...

No Harm, No Foul is about as outrageous and funny as a comedy can be.  This two act comedy about a black basketball player (Bojack) who is falsely accused of rape; sentenced to serve 1 year on an illegal slave plantation and spends his time devising some of the most hilarious and ridiculous schemes and tricks imaginable in an effort to escape the plantation..."Like Eddie Murphy in the hit movie "Life!"  (See Hudson v. Universal Studios, et al.)

A Piece Of My Dream

Powerful and Provocative...

A Piece of My Dream, is a "powerful and provocative drama which explores a young soldier's pursuit of the American Dream as he struggles to overcome racism and discrimimation in the deep south.


A Piece of My Dream was Gregory's first full-length, two act stage play (Drama) which first opened at the Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City. From there to the world renowned CAMI HALL, and was last performed at the legendary Black Spectrum Theatre in Queens, New York.

Bronx House

Bronx House

Bronx House was first performed at Lincoln Square Theatre (Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center) in New York City and last performed at the renowned Black Spectrum Theatre.

Powerful and Compelling...

Bronx House is a powerful prison drama, set inside of the Bronx House of Detention in New York City; which tells the story about a New York City Comptroller who is falsely accused of stealing $5,000,000.00 dollars and is put in jail as he tries to avoid being murdered by the most dangerous gangs in the Bronx House until his attorney can clear his name.

Vagabond Love

Vagabond Love

Vagabond Love is a "one of a Kind" full-length, two-act, "two character" romantic (comedy) love story that has "only" be performed at Lincoln Square Theatre (Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, in New York City.

Gregory, as Lee Willie, in his romantic comedy, Vagabond Love.

The Ultimate Love Story...

Vagabond Love is the ultimate two character, two act love story about two down and out, homeless people who were out one night scrounging for food and instead found love.  Set on the mean streets of New York City, the plot in this play is the most clever and touching plots found anywhere on the American Stage.

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