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Current Productions
Current Productions

October 25, 2012

No Harm, No Foul (The Movie) is now in Pre-Productions
(Send resumes, headshots ... to Poor Penny Productions)


No Harm, No Foul

(The Movie)
In Pre-Production

No Harm, No Foul is a hilarious and outrageous comedy (based on Hudson's stage play) about a basketball player who is falsely accused of rape and is sentence to a year on an illegal slave plantation where he (along with his side kick, Doc) spends most of his time devising crazy schemes to escape. No Harm, No Foul proved to be one of the funniest plays ever written and is sure to be even funnier on the big screen.

Hudson will produce, direct, and star in this Independent film and reprise the "wise-cracking" would be "excape artist" role of Bojack. Hudson played this role to standing ovations Off-Broadway at the renouned "Cami Hall" in New York City.

Casting will be held in New York City, Atlanta, Georgia, and Columbus, Georgia. Filming is tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2013 for two weeks in Georgia.

No Harm, No Foul was the subject of a 10 year copyright lawsuit against Eddie Murphy, Universal Studios, and others over the hit movie, LIFE, starring Murphy and Martin Lawrence.  http://www.poorpennyproductions.com/index/Why_I_sued_Eddie_Murphy

Send resumes to: Poor Penny Productions, Inc., re No Harm, No Foul (The Movie)



We are currently in the early stages of producing 3 to 6 new stage plays locally and from around the country beginning in late February or early March 2013.

Once the productions come under contract, current productions will be listed on this page under "Current Productions" and future productions will be listed on the "Future Productions" page.

*If you are interested in submitting you play for our 2013 season, the submission guidelines will be posted in the coming weeks.

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