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48 POEMS: Reflections Of A Poet

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If You Love Poetry ... You Will Love 48 Poems!

48 POEMS: Reflections Of A Poet is an extraordinary book of poems and is the only one of its kind. It contains 48 original poems accompanied by a 48 scintillating photographs to enhance the storyline behind each poem. In the back of the book are 48 Higher Order Thinking Questions (one for each poem) as well as 48 synopses. There is even a glossary of the most commonly used English literary terms and a chapter on commonly used vernacular. There are six poems in 8 different genres totaling 48 magnificent poems. Whether you are looking to increase your understanding of the English Language Arts or simply looking to feed your appetite for romantic poems ... this book has something for everyone.

$26.00 (2 copies left) First Impression Book Store
$35.00 (Paperback) ISBN: 9781438962344

                (Romantic Genre)

       I Kissed Him On A Grand Piano
I Kissed him for the very first time,
As I ran my fingers through his hair.
I kissed him for the very first time,
As I floated through the air.

I kissed him in the living room,
Against the stairwell banner.
I kissed him under the crystal chandelier,
And on A Grand Piano.

My heart was pounding                  
My knees were shaking ...
The sweet smell of love
Was the only thing baking.

Now that I love you,
I will close my door.
You are the man of my dreams,
And ... I shall look no more.



 Now I'm Broke 
I was sitting on top of the world,
And my bank account was off the wall.
Now I am busted, dusted, and disgusted,
And got nothing but holes in my dwaws.

I come fromthe hood on the soutside of Queens,
An was the ultimate story of rags to riches.
Now I'm so darn broke,
I got nothing but holes in my britches.

I had money, fame, fancy cars, and lots of pretty girls.
And just like that ...
I aint got a dime left in this world.

I never thought about saving,
Because my bank account seemed so long.
My money has dried up,
And my so-called friends are all gone.

I ain't even got a watch,
So I kant tell the time.
Please somebody, give me a dollar,
'Cause I ain't got ... a dime!

I had so much money,
That it seemed like a joke.
It ain't funny at all, people,
'Cause now I'm broke.



Christmastime In The City

Have you ever been to New York City,
When the Christmas decorations are out?
There are thousands and thousands of people,
Milling all about.

There are Christmas trees, a merry breeze,
And horse carriages throughout Central Park.
Children are happy, shoppers are dashing,
As the snowflakes fall in the dark.

There's Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall,
Just a few blocks from Rockefeller Center Square.
There are beautiful sounds of the best music around,
And a Christmas spectacular there.

Then there's Lincoln Center, Fifth Avenue,
Or a short train ride to BAM
As you shop throughout the day.
The stores are full
And the resturants are packed,
And you haven't even made it to Broadway.

Now your belly is stuffed and your pockets are low,
And you feel like you've seen it all.
Don't sleep now, 'cause on New Year's Eve ...
In Times Square they will drop the ball.

It's Christmastime In New York City.


(Dramatic Genre)
Journey To The Unknown

       My journey is to the unknown,
       As I brave the morning dew.
       My journey is to the unknown,
       I'm not afriad of you!

       Threaten me with your words,
       And anger me with your lies.
       My courage is beyond reproach,
       I will never miss a stride.

      My journey is to the unknown,
      As the world stops and stands.
      My journey is to the unknown ...
      And I'm the better man.